Buying Boiler Parts? Have You Considered the Reconditioned Options?

11 September 2019
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If you are considering getting a boiler, you have three options. You can opt for a new one, a used one or a reconditioned one. Of the three, the last should be unfamiliar to some. Read on for some highlights on reconditioned boilers and their parts.

When you buy a new boiler, you have expectations of appearance and function. With a used boiler or part, not so much. A reconditioned boiler part is a used one that has been cleaned, repaired and inspected as per industry standards. It is similar to purchasing a factory-certified vehicle from an authorised dealer.

Continual Functioning and Output

Just like vehicles waiting for expensive and hard to find spares, your boiler may remain redundant for some time, especially for old models. Especially during the cold months, it can hamper a myriad of activities in your home. Your expert HVAC contractor can assist you in sourcing the part and installing it in a jiffy.

Also, many reconditioned boiler dealers provide rent-to-own options where you can pick the desired part and use it with the choice of owning it after the rental.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Boilers are expensive machinery to buy. A brand-new one may be beyond your reach, while the used version adds on to your troubles. An affordable and effective way to upgrade an old, unreliable and inefficient system is to use reconditioned boiler parts.

Warranty Agreement

For any piece of electronic item or machinery, the warranty is a critical acquisition. You are assured of technical support, discounted or even free repairs and maintenance services and peace of mind. Used parts don't carry a warranty. At every breakdown, repair costs escalate.

Fortunately, reconditioned parts carry a comprehensive warranty cover, often like a new part, either from the manufacturing company or certified dealer. A professional HVAC contractor should guide you on the warranty details, coverage and exclusions before you commit your money.

Cost Savings

Buying new boiler parts can be expensive, especially if you have the older models. The components may be out of stock or costly to fabricate. Reconditioned parts work as good as new but at a fraction of the cost. Whether for commercial or home use, it is the easiest and affordable way to get the parts and to get your boiler up and running quickly, especially in the cold months.

A reconditioned boiler part saves you money, functions efficiently and offers you peace of mind at a fraction of the cost. Engage a professional HVAC contractor for assistance in sourcing, deciphering the warranty jargon and, most importantly, testing and installing it. Contact a company like pcbs4u for more information.